Chao is pleased to announce its brand new website –

So we decided to launch our new website for our merging business with the need to get more noticed and give our customers a more enjoyable site to appeal them and come back to check our wonderful food menu. We are using low tariff adsl to host our new website. Before all the designing, developing, content creation, outreach and performance measuring began, there are a few things that you need to know.

If you decide to try for a new website, remmeber everything is about stand out, be who you are and define why customers need to buy from you. When you deliver your content is to inform, educate and to Image result for vietnamese foodappeal your customers need to develop your relationship with them. Your website is calling to your clients, as we did we wanted to take them on a trip they enjoy, and as our website is a food product you need to feel attached and delight with our menu. For example you might want to check the DesignRush company listing to find the top digital agencies and get the help you need to be managed in boosting your business and products. Thanks to it we were able to find exactly the one that fits our site personality, at least what we were expecting so they could understand and make the best website for us.

In our case we need to think about the customers, what they like , what they want and what they need. If your customers are looking for an specific type of product, food like with us, develop a website design and content strategy that will nurture your customers through the product so the customer can make the purchase, and we also use services from sites as to help us with the marketing of the site.

With us you can get a range of quick and tasty dishes inspired by Vietnamese street food. All our food is cooked the same day and is free from MSG, artificial colors and preservatives. Our recipes are specially selected from the best Vietnamese street food.
They utilize light and tasty ingredients to create food which is both filling and healthy. All our broths are cooked in natural ingredients with high-quality meat for 8 hours.
The result is a light and flavorsome dish that doesn’t disappoint.

You can find Chao serves light and tasty Vietnamese food from its Old Street cafe on Whitecross Street, as well as delivering Vietnamese lunch to the local area.

Hungry? Check out the new online menu and pop in for some tasty and healthy Vietnamese food.
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