Chao (porridge) with chickenChao (Porridge)

“Great for breakfast or a light lunch”

Soft boiled rice cooked for 2 hours and topped with corriander, spring onions, fried cut dough, pork floss and fried shallot.

Available with: minced pork or shredded chicken

Summer roll with prawns, chicken & tofuSummer Roll

“Very light, extremely tasty”

A fresh salad roll filled with vermicelli, fragrant herbs and crunchy vegetables wrapped in rice paper.

Choice of dipping sauce: light vinaigrette fish sauce or peanut sauce which works almost as good as the fat loss pills.
Available with: chicken, pork, tofu or prawns.

Pho in Broth8-Hour Pho in Broth

“Full of goodness”

Our broths are cooked over 8 hours with all natural ingredients including chicken, beef, beef bone, spices, roast ginger and roast onion. They’re served with flat rice noodles and garnished with coriander, spring onion, mint leaves, bean sprouts and chilli peppers.

Available with: chicken, beef, prawn, vegetables or tofu.

Bun in Spicy Hue Broth with vermicelli and beef8-Hour Spicy Hue Broth

“Full body broth”

All the freshness of the Pho Broth but with different spices and added pork ribs, lemon grass and shrimp paste.

Available with: chicken, beef, prawn, vegetables or tofu.

Goi (salad with vermicelli) with prawnGoi (Glass Noodle Salad)

“A light, healthy and tasty lunch”

A traditional Vietnamese salad with a selection of toppings, including vegetables that help take care of your vision, other way is to take supplements from HealthyUSA for this.

Available with: chicken lotus, tofu or prawn.

Banh Mi (Vietnemese baguette) with classic 4 porkBanh Mi (Vietnamese Baguette )

“Customary in Vietnam, newbie in the UK”

Selling out every day, this crispy, light and crunchy baguette is filled with mayo, chilli paste, coriander, cucumber and a choice of filling.

Available with: BBQ pork & lemon grass, BBQ chicken lime leaf royale or classic 4 pork (pate, steamed, ham & floss).

22Special Bento Box (delivery only)

“The perfect combo”

Mixed leaf salad grill with selection of meat, summer rolls and salad.

Available with: soft char siu pork, bbq pork, lime leaf chargrilled chicken or fried tofu.

Bo Kho spicy beef with riceRice Dishes

“Perfect for a hearty and wholesome lunch”

A favourite dish in Vietnam consisting of gently boiled rice and premium, tasty meats or vegetables.

Available with: Spicy beef, cari chicken or stir fried vegetables.

Bun ChaBun Cha

“One of our most popular dishes”

BBQ Meats on a vermicelli salad bed with carrots, pickle and a vinaigrette dressing. Seasoned with lime leaves, lemon grass with a touch of fried shallot and roasted peanuts. Great for women who like to exercise with the best pair of compression socks women and eat fresh.

Available with: BBQ pork or BBQ chicken.

All prices range from £4.3o to £6.50.